About Wisconsin Montessori Association

The Wisconsin Montessori Association (WMA) started in 2010 as a result of a Think Tank conference held in Sparta, Wisconsin, in which Montessorians from around the state volunteered to meet and discuss issues pertinent to Montessori education. It became clear to the twelve members attending that interests would be best met by forming an statewide organization to represent all Montessori schools and interests in the state.

A second meeting in Weston, Wisconsin, culminated with the by-laws, and a third meeting  produced the Interim Board of Directors and goals for the coming year. The Articles of Incorporation and 501c3 papers were submitted in 2011 officially establishing WMA as a non-profit organization.  On March 5, 2011, the first WMA Annual Conference was attended by over 100 members.



  • Hold an annual conference and meeting of the full membership.
  • Sponsors regional lecture series on Montessori pedagogy and practice
  • Sponsors workshops for Governance Boards
  • Connects experts, information and resources within the Wisconsin Montessori community
  • Coordinates video-conferencing opportunities
  • Provide and coordinates grant, start-up, and continuing consultation to Montessori schools.
  • Serve as a networking hub for  job opportunities, program development, and marketing.

WMA Membership offers access to these and other services.  To learn more about memberships, click here.

OUR Vision & Mission


To preserve, uphold, support and expand quality Montessori education in the State of Wisconsin.


To provide Wisconsin with a statewide Montessori organization designed to:

  • Endorse, advocate, and maintain consistent standards for quality Montessori education
  • Sustain and nurture members, friends, teachers, families and Wisconsin Montessori training centers
  •  Increase the number and geographical reach of Montessori programs throughout the state that include all Montessori stakeholders (parents, families, children, teachers, leaders, alumni and others with an interest in Montessori education)
  • Create and disseminate a digital archive of Wisconsin’s Montessori history


  • Hold an annual Montessori conference to provide professional development and networking for parents, teachers and administrators in Wisconsin
  • Hold an annual administrators retreat to support new and experienced Montessori leaders in implementing fully implemented Montessori education based on the standards.
  • Conduct site visits to provide support to public and private programs across the state
  • Keep the members updated of WMA’s work through meeting minutes, website and social media.
  • Maintain a record of Montessori schools who are following the AMI or AMS standards for fully implemented Montessori education. (See standards link)
  • Connect Montessori students and schools from around the state to collaborate on researching, recording and sharing Wisconsin’s rich Montessori legacy


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