Wisconsin Montessori Association


Fitting All The Pieces Together

Wisconsin Montessori Association

With over 100 members representing public, charter, and private Montessori schools throughout the state, Wisconsin Montessori Association works to strengthen, expand, and support Montessori education in Wisconsin.  Since our founding in 2010, WMA has become the leading voice for Montessori teachers, administrators and parents from the approximately 75 charter, private and public Montessori schools in our state.

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Wisconsin Montessori Association Governance Board

PURPOSE: To provide Wisconsin Montessori communities with a statewide organization designed to support, strengthen and enhance the growth and development of Montessori implementation in the following ways:

  1. To increase understanding and awareness of Montessori education
  2. To support members and member schools by actively responding to needs
  3. To support new schools through grant-writing, startup, and continuing consultation
  4. To cooperate with other statewide organizations that complement WMA’s mission
  5. To provide for continuing education of our communities
  • Montessori is the last name of Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor of Italy, who lived from 1880-1952.
  • She observed children and, from her observations, she supplied materials and set up an environment (classroom) to assist children in their normal development. Her method, therefore, is based on observation, not theory, and on child development.
  • She worked originally with mentally challenged children and then in the slums of San Lorenzo , Rome, with normal children left at home all day while their parents worked.
  • She was influenced by the research and studies of Jean Itard and Edward Seguin. Itard  worked with the “Wild Boy of Aveyon” who lived with wolves until he was eleven.Itard designed hands-on language materials, which Dr. Montessori expanded on and used to help with language development. She used materials Seguin designed to help deaf children learn math.
  • Her method of education became known as the Montessori method.